A life of poop

What a crazy place to find myself.

I would have never thought to have got into the poop scooping  business if it hadn’t been for that one – crazy – out of the blue thought – and a little too much time on my hands – day.  Suddenly, I found myself registering a business and getting an ABN and before I knew it I was proud owner of Scoop Scoop le Poop!

A number of chance coincidences saw me make several unscheduled media appearances – where I was completely unprepared but willing to give my little business the exposure it deserved.

It turns out I love my little scooping business and take the job of scooping the poop  quite seriously. There is no time for looking about when I am scooping. It is head down, trowel at the ready and concentration on – I don’t really want to step in it! But if that is the worst consequence of  my day – I am a pretty lucky person. IMG_1975

Why now, why become a poop scooper at 37? Well it was pretty simple. I do have another job which is super – but it requires me to sit at a desk. You see, I love being outdoors and working for myself has been fantastic so it provides the balance I seek.  I also love all the thinking I get to do while searching for the land mines – amazing what ideas pop into my head.

I have often thought about what questions I would be asked in an interview (let’s say for Business Insider) and what answers I would give. Next post, I will explore some of those great Q’s and A’s with you all.

Til then, try not to step in it – if you, want someone to pick it up for you, get in contact.




1 thought on “A life of poop

  1. A growing industry!


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