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9 March 2022

Artist paints dog poop Putin portrait to raise money for Ukraine victims

6 July 2021 

Pet Waste Pros Are Bagging Tons of Dog Poop. Here’s Why Business Is, Er, Picking Up

29 November 2022 

Dog owners told to clean up their act over pet poo bags left at popular Sunshine Coast beach

17 July 2020

The archaeological record is full of dog poop

27August 2018

Maryland Condo spends $2500 on DNA kit to solve dog poop mysteries

6th July 2018

Dogs poop banned Sainte-anne de bellevue boardwalk

4th July 2018

Girl lets dog poop at airport and refuses to clean up

12 June 2018

Dog Park Closes due to excessive dog Poop

10 June 2018

Washington woman finds 100 pounds of dog feces on her SUV

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