Dog Poop Scooping Services

Once off treatments – Great for preparing for selling, your outdoor party or special event

$80 per hour (minimum one hour)

If your yard has not been regularly maintained and the poop has accumulated and you are looking for a fresh start to remove build up. Call me for a full dog poop clean up and removal.

*see Other Services that compliment poop removal here

Prices accurate as of 1st August 2018

Weekly – Dog Poop Scoop (once per week)

Great if you have little children and need to have a clean poop free environment. Or if you have open houses for selling your place and don’t have time to clean the yard.

1 Dog $30 per visit

2 Dogs $35 per visit

3 Dogs $40 per visit

Fortnightly Dog Poop Scoop (once per fortnight)

A great option if you have plenty of space and don’t mind a little poop build up

1 Dog  – $32 per visit

2 Dogs -$40 per visit

3 Dogs -$45 per visit

Twice weekly Poop scoop (two scoops per week)

1 Dog – $50 total

2 Dogs – $ 60 total

3 Dogs – $70 total

Monthly Dog Poop Scooping (once per calendar month)

This is a great option is you have small dogs or don’t use your back yard regularly

1 Dog – $50

2 Dogs -$70

3 Dogs – $90

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